About Us

Long Hall Ranch was conceived in 1978 and has continued to grow and evolve since that time. I'd like to remember the dream that has been born through hard work and perseverance, and welcome people who love their horses and also respect others who love their horses. Everyone that owns a horse has their own perception of and reasoning why they believe the way they do, but everyone that boards a horse, needs to be respected for their beliefs. My boarding stable has many different people but everyone respects everyone and that is why the ranch runs smoothly and has a welcoming atmosphere for people and horses alike.

I have grown up with horses my whole life, have bred and foaled many mares, have raised fine cutting horses and I still find peace in the barn. Horses have always been a fine escape from the rigors of everyday life and I have always appreciated the ranch for that. The horses are at peace here. Long Hall Ranch is located on 5 fenced acres in beautiful Hasley Canyon, within a few miles of Magic Mountain. There are miles of hills and valleys to venture across just outside the gates. The ranch is a quiet place to come to and your horse will appreciate that. Boarders and horses are happy here and, for the most part, have been here for several years, through many seasons.

Inside the fence you'll find 12x24 corrals with shelters, 12x24 breezeway barn stalls, 4 larger paddocks with shelters, and a limited number of box stalls with runs. You will find 3 outdoor arenas (the large one is lighted), a lighted round pen, wash racks and several tack rooms. Stalls are cleaned daily and horses are fed twice daily with your choice of hay. Prices vary according to location.